Composites Manufacturing Simulation Takes A Leap Forward

A speaker presenting at the conference

To mark the closure of the EPSRC funded SIMPROCS Platform grant at the Bristol Composites Institute, a dissemination event was held at the NCC on 20 April.

This was well attended by over 50 delegates who came to hear about the state-of-the-art composites manufacturing simulations that had been developed throughout the project.‌

People watching a presentation



‌A series of talks highlighted successful outcomes, such as over 20 published papers, international collaborations, new software developed and industrial deployment of new process modelling tools.
The event ended with a networking lunch and a display of posters about the research.

Professor Stephen Hallett presenting at the Simprocs event

Prof. Stephen Hallett, the grant’s principal investigator, said “I am very proud of what we have achieved in this programme. It has‌ been a game changer in our ability to simulate composites manufacturing processes. The world‌-‌class team‌ of researchers have been amazing to work with and have delivered fantastic new capability.”

A powerpoint slide from one of the presentations being shown on a screen


The slides from the day’s talks can be downloaded at the following links:

Introduction, grant overview, major successes – Stephen Hallett

Pre-preg and AFP process modelling – Jonathan Belnoue

Process Modelling of Textile Composites – Adam Thompson

Industrial use case – from CAD to defect free part – Yi Wang

Early stage new technology – Machine Learning – Anatoly Koptelov

And the posters can be downloaded here:

SIMPROCS – posters



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